I was recently asked if I would like to review a seasonal LEGO set. I had a suspicion that it would be an Easter set since we just finished all the Christmas craziness, but I thought: “We don’t have proper winters anymore, so what the hell, might as well shoot some Easter photos — and I have never done this surprise review where you don’t know what you are getting!” Indeed, as predicted, I received the LEGO Easter Rabbits Display set 40523.

Who would have thought that we would get snow storms? This quite-limited the options of shooting Easter photos outside since it was so windy and snowing and raining. Turns out shooting Easter theme in January is really hard! In the end, I think that shooting the contrasting green grass and moss with snow is pretty fitting with Easter — the new life emerging after winter.

I wasn’t sure if I would like this angle from straight ahead, but it gives a bit of a surreal and abstract feel to the rabbit. Is it even still a rabbit like this?
I think the visible eye makes it more a rabbit and like a living creature

These LEGO rabbits are very similar to BrickHeadz. Very square and bulky, even though they tried to add at least some curves. My favorite part are the ears! They are movable and so cute! Nothing else moves on either of the rabbits. They are very statue-like. But they have different poses, so at least it is possible to pick the one you need for a photo.

Maybe it’s a pet rabbit?

Included are also five eggs and some flowers. I wanted to shoot the eggs in some sort of wicker basket, but I realized that I don’t have any and I wasn’t sure how to build one from LEGO, so I tried to see how they work with simple moss and snow.

The colors pop very nicely! And I especially like the opalescent pink/purple part, very cool!
Eggs and snow don’t go very well together

Since the rabbits are way too big for minifigures, I tried using them with a 12-inch doll. I think that works quite well, though with the rabbit’s stiff body it is a bit hard to pose. The flower was much easier to use.

Why wouldn’t you hug a rabbit?
Time to start smelling the roses!

The rabbits also come with a small green stand that represents grass, but that is really boring to shoot. It makes for a nice display, but does not work for me in photos. So I just placed them on moss and played around.

Two cute rabbits just hangin’ out

This was quite the exercise for me. The weather did not cooperate and the subjects are bigger than what I’m used to shooting, but it was quite fun in the end. I liked combining the rabbits with the doll. It was exciting trying to find the time from work and the break from the weather to go outside for a little photoshoot. And the rabbits are quite cute, even if they don’t move. Their ears help with their expressions. So, if you don’t mind the lack of movement, they are not just a decoration, they can also be used as subjects for your photography.

LEGO Easter Rabbits Display set 40523 will be available to order from lego.com starting Tuesday, February 1.

Let me know in the comments if you plan to shoot them and/or share the photos!