The Empire Strikes Back is engrained in my memory from watching it so many times with my dad growing up, and it is easily one of my favorite movies. Those opening scenes on the snowy planet Hoth were always fun for me as a kid and continue to be. To that end, when I saw the LEGO Star Wars: AT-AT vs. Tauntaun Microfighters Set 75298 I had to have it so I could recreate some scenes myself. I cannot wait for it to snow again to create some photos with this LEGO set, but in the meantime, I created a snowy scene in my kitchen using flour and cotton balls.

I love the Tauntaun LEGO created here—Luke Skywalker fits on it well and it’s not too much of a pain to have Luke grab the reins. Luke also comes with a blue lightsaber, blaster, and electrobinoculars (hand-held viewing devices that allowed users to observe distant objects in most lighting conditions), which you may have seen in the movies.

I am very excited about the AT-AT that came with this set for future photo possibilities. This LEGO set gets the job done, though I wish there was a bit more movement in the legs of the AT-AT, but for a microfighter offering, it works. The AT-AT pilot minfig is also a fun addition to the growing lineup of Star Wars minifigures. It also comes with a blaster and electrobinoculars.

After shooting some knock-off / secondary market LEGO recently, it sure was nice to be back capturing actual LEGO products because the quality is SOOOOOOO much better. I didn’t have to do any clean-up of the close-up shots because the LEGO versions always have better paint jobs than the secondary market options. If you love Empire as much as I do, this set is well worth it. If you don’t love the movie as much as I do, I still think it is worth it! Take a look at more pics below.