A small LEGO minifigures story by Joschka van der Lucht in six pictures, which shows the journey of a small group of vikings.

vikings_1 - Joschka van der Lucht
The Viking leader and two of his subordinates are on the way to the coast.
vikings_2 - Joschka van der Lucht
After a long trip through the forest, the Vikings arrive at their ship. The rest of the crew awaits them.
vikings_3 - Joschka van der Lucht
It’s dark and only a little moonlight illuminates the night. Quietly a ship moves through the fog. A dragon’s head can be seen in the shape of a shadow. It’s the vikings!
vikings_4 - Joschka van der Lucht
On their long journey, the Vikings encounter mythical creatures who try to cast a spell over them. Will they be able to resist the mermaid’s magic?
vikings_5 - Joschka van der Lucht
After a long and arduous journey across the water, the Viking longship reaches a small settlement on the edge of the fjord at sunrise.
vikings_6 - Joschka van der Lucht
After the Vikings arrived at the village yesterday, they refilled their supplies and set off on foot. A long journey through the wonderful nature of Norway lies ahead. To be continuous…

~ By Joschka van der Lucht (@joschka.vanderlucht on Instagram)