In the latest Toy Photographers Podcast, I talk with Alan Rappa, Luigi Priori and Anna Bitanga about COVID-19 and creativity.

If you’re not aware, we’re in the midst of a global pandemic and it’s a doozy. We’re all living under varying degrees of limited movement. And this new restriction is adding another dimension to our creativity.

I asked Alan Rappa our Editor in Chief, Luigi Priori a frequent contributor and Anna Bitanga, Community Manager of BrickCentral, to join me in an informal conversation on getting creative in the face of COVID-19. Each of us has been affected differently by this virus, and we’ve had to adjust our working styles to fit this new reality. I hope you will enjoy our talk and maybe even find your own experience mirrored in ours.

Check out the episode now on your favorite podcast app or here on the blog, and make sure to scroll down to see all of the images we discuss this week!

The images

While our conversation focused on the creative process, we occasionally touched on a few specific images. Below you will find examples of the photos we discussed on the podcast.

Like this one from Anna Bitanga. Ann has been using this unexpected pause to begin creating fabulous behind-the-scenes tutorials. If you would like to learn how to create this background, and others, you will find everything you need on her YouTube channel.

white classic LEGO spaceman stands on a ice surface next two a small brick built transport vehicle. by Anna Bitanga
Check out FourBricksTall’s YouTube channel and learn to create this landscape.

It was wonderful talking with Luigi Priori. Luigi lives in Cremona, Italy—only 30km from one of the hardest hit cities in his country. We discussed how the virus has impacted his creativity, specifically about his recent six-image narrative.

Artist Luigi Priori in quarantine.

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