Food Shopping in the Time of Coronavirus

A LEGO six-image narrative based on a true (almost) story.

Waiting in line dealing with masks shortage.
Meeting funny people with strange needs.
Quest for the last frozen pizza⁣.
Fighting fierce enemies in the vegetable aisle.
Defending the shopping basket tooth and nail.
Ending up buying just the bare essentials.

~ Six-image narrative by @priovit70 .


  1. Astrid

    great series, great pictures! if we look back one day at spring 2020, we will stand in disbelief and remember it shaking our heads. this series tells a piece of contemporary history ❤️👍🏻❤️

  2. Brilliant narrative, and yes, one most can relate to in present days. I love the checkout set up and the fridge doors and your choice to shoot through the fridge area in the pizza shot. Beautiful work.

  3. Janan

    Wow Luigi! I love this series and I enjoy looking at the details you put into each image, especially the lighting from the fridge and freezers. Beautiful storytelling and I’m glad he/you got the “bare essentials.”

    I hope you are well where you are!

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