For this week’s podcast, Kristina and I tackled our biggest and most popular theme to date: Death!

Death has been an important part of art ever since there were artists to interpret it. Despite incorporating some elements of death in many of our own photos in the past, Kristina and I both found this challenge difficult. Would we have anything to add to the conversation?

I’ll let you give the answer to that. We both ended up finding interesting angles in which to approach the subject, and were happy to see so many listeners do the same!

My image

Inspired by the cinematography of Pixar’s Coco

Kristina’s image

Death of a toy

Listener submissions

Thanks to all of the listeners who participated alongside us in photographing death! I was happy that our theme overlapped with the monthly challenge happening on MeWe; it was fun to see so many interpretations coming from all corners of our community. There were more than 50 images submitted, and I wish I could embed them all here. Instead, I point you to the #tp_death tags on Instagram and MeWe so that you can see them all. You’ll find the images we discussed on the show below.

Thank you so much for listening! If you’d like to participate in our next theme – Monochrome – upload your shots to Instagram or MeWe with the hashtag #tp_monochrome and tag me (@thereeljames23) and Kristina (@kalexanderson) by Friday, November 22nd. You can also email it to us directly at

What did you think of our Death theme? Continue the conversation with us in the comments below!


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