Podcast 68: Photo Printing with Shelly Corbett & Kristina Alexanderson

Have you ever wanted to print your photos? Then this is the podcast for you! I brought in two printing experts – Shelly and Kristina – to discuss not only the how, but also the why of photo printing.

Now that the darkroom process has been replaced by technology, printing has become a bit of a novelty. It feels like some kind of rite of passage or milestone to be reached. Of course, there are still countless reasons to print your photos, and more options than ever. This also means it can be hard to find where to start.

Ready, Set, Print!

That’s where Shelly and Kristina come in. They both have a long history of printing their work, and for a multitude of reasons including selling, gifting, displaying in galleries and coffee shops, and as a way to examine their work. Thanks to both of them for graciously sharing their expertise, and giving some tips to novice, printing hopefuls like me.

Have you ever wanted to print your work? If you actually have, what methods did you use and why? We’d love to continue the conversation with you in the comments below, or over on MeWe!


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  1. Mary Wardell

    I just listened to the podcast and loved it! I love to print but lately have been doing less because it seems as though no one really wants to look at the prints once I have them and I only have so much wall space. Over the last few years I have been printing personal books from Picaboo because that company offers lots of good coupons which makes the books more affordable and because they don’t require you to squeeze your images into their templates. My few forays into sales have not been overly successful – probably because I am missing the gene that lets you set prices and such But photos have made good gifts. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed the podcast this week!

  2. Astrid

    Great listening and I absolutely agree! I print all my pictures and love to look at them and learn how to be better next time. It was very interesting to hear about your different papers. I have to try that too. 🙋🏼

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