Humor and toy photography seems like a match made in heaven…or is it? In this second episode of the Toy Photographers Podcast mini season, we (Kristina and Shelly) talk about using humor as a tool in toy photography. Join us as we continuing our quest to find define exactly what toy photography IS.

The Images

During our exploration we will take a closer look at a few sample images provided by Shelly. And through our talk we find that it seems to be pros and cons to using humor as a tool to connect with a viewer. Sometimes it works, some times the images miss the point. During our conversation you get examples of how difficult it can be to use humor as a tool to connect with a viewer.

Fast Food by Shelly Corbett

Herding Cats by Shelly Corbett

Walking the Dog by Shelly Corbett

Do you use humor?

As always we love to hear how you use humor in your toy photography. Are you successful in using humor as a tool to connect with your viewers? Have you experience a joke falling flat due to culture differences? Because the toy photography community cross so many different cultures, do you consider this before you create your humors photos? Please share your experiences in the comments below. We want to know what you think!

The next episode

In our final episode of this off-season podcast series, the discussion will fall on the theme nostalgia. How do we use nostalgia as a tool to create images. We will explore how this theme connects our work, our childhood, with our toys and photography. But before we take on that topic, we love to hear about your experiences with humor.
Kristina and Shelly
Thank you for listening!