As Right as Rain

Rain. The nemesis of the outdoor toy photographer. Or is it?

Sure, we’ve all been there. We’ve planned a day outdoors taking photos of toys. Our bags are packed, our batteries charged, and then it starts raining, devastating our plans. Dang it!

Yeah, it can be a jerk. But hear me out. Sometimes it can also be not a jerk.

Take a rain check

We’ve just come out of a long, dry summer. Without boring you too much with my “geeky living in the country rain gauge documentation”, we had less than 40mm of rain for the first 4 month of this year. And when you multiply that number by the total square meterage of roof we have to calculate the total number of litres of water that has been captured by our water tanks, the results were pretty dire.

Sorry, I’ve gone off topic.

May arrived and so did the autumn (fall) rains. Over a week we received over 80mm. So that number, multiplied by… STOP IT! This isn’t a “how to calculate the total catchment of a rain water tank” blog!

Rain and toy photography. Remember?

So, a few days were spent looking out the window, lamenting ruined toy photography plans, as the rain poured down.

And then it eased.

Every cloud has a silver lining

Our arid paddocks now were tinged with green.

As Right as Rain
Every cloud…

My beloved moss had returned. It’s nearly time to get out the shovel and harvest some little worlds again.

As Right as Rain
As Right as Rain

The lunar landscape of dry cracked mud under the bridge at our lake that I was lying on just a couple of weeks ago was now a foot under water. And the “fairy mushrooms” had even burst through the ground.

So next time the rain interrupts your toy photography plans, don’t immediately curse it. Think of my water tanks the wonders the rain will bring. The wonders that await your postponed toy photography adventure.

– Brett

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  1. Joshua T. Kittleson

    Good reminder!
    It’s currently raining here in Lincoln Nebraska, so I was literally thinking about Brett’s water tanks. . . I mean, if I want to shoot in the drizzle and if we will get any good puddles before the heat comes back to zap them away.

    • brett_wilson

      My water tanks thank you for your thoughts.
      Puddles! I knew there was something else I love about the rain. I was too busy calculating how many liters of rain water we’d collected to think of them.
      I’m sure when it’s the middle of winter here, our tanks are full, and the paddocks are green and sodden, I’ll be less enthusiastic about the rain. But for now, I’m loving the changes it brings.

    • brett_wilson

      Isn’t the rain lovely! OK, there was a box of toys and my camera sitting on the kitchen bench that probably disagree. But the changes it brought on here were quite remarkable.
      And as the rain keeps falling and filling our tanks, I won’t have to set the egg timer for when you’re here showering! 😛

  2. I like the rain. Rain = puddles = more water and reflection shots! And as You mentioned it’s more green plants and moss. But when it’s heavy rain then one can’t go shooting due to risk of bedraggled gear. So rain is an excercise in patience.
    Thank You for this post Brett and I wish You full tanks of water!

  3. Astrid

    HaHa love this post Brett! We have a lot of rain here at the moment and our water tanks are overflowing, but there is beautiful moss on trees and enchanted brooks with ferns. Here we go!!!

    • brett_wilson

      Since this post we’ve had more rain, and our tanks are close to full. Plus, my beloved moss is popping up everywhere in the paddocks.. YAY! I have a short drive to find waterfalls, brooks and ferns, but it’s always enchanting there, all year round.

  4. Rain is my favorite weather. Your water tanks are now forefront in my mind. Climate change has brought May rain to California. And now I just need to meld all of this to convince my camera to join me in the rain… Love to you Brett. Great post.

    • brett_wilson

      I love the rain too! Our tanks are filling, and it’s bringing all my beloved moss back to life. We’ve even got a wonderful bunch of red and white spotted toadstools dotted under the oak trees in the driveway! Love to you and yours too Doug. x

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