Considering diptychs are composed of two separate images that make a whole, it’s fitting that we covered them twice on the podcast. And as it turns out, it may have been my favorite challenge to date.

Kristina and I enjoyed doing diptychs so much last month that we decided to tackle them again, with an added twist. We would shoot in the theme of “love,” using diptychs as the storytelling technique. As it turns out, this task was harder than we expected! Luckily we rescheduled our podcast recording a couple of times, because it took me nearly the whole month to find the right idea.

In addition to discussing our new knowledge of diptychs and gushing over this month’s listener submissions, Kristina and I went on a few fun photography related tangents that may be expanded into full episodes in the future. It was a great conversation.

My Image

The more we do these challenges on the podcast, the more I want to push my limits and try out new styles and techniques. So for my second diptych, I chose to recreate a painting I remembered hanging in my childhood home: Norman Rockwell’s “Little Spooners.”

“LEGO Spooners” by James Garcia

Little Spooners Norman Rockwell painting

“Little Spooners” by Norman Rockwell, 1926

Kristina’s Image

Love diptych by Kristina Alexanderson

Love diptych by Kristina Alexanderson

Kristina uses her eye for beautiful lighting to tell a story of love, longing, and fertility.

Listener Submissions

Thanks to our wonderful listeners who submitted their own love-themed diptychs for this month’s challenge! We were impressed with not only the number of participants, but the wide variety of interpretations and styles that came through. The three we discussed on the show were actually from three previous guests! If you missed them, please check out my interviews with Tourmaline, Astrid, and Janan.


This is one of three diptychs from Jennifer. Make sure to check them all out on her Instagram here.

Astrid Heyland

“Bye bye my love” by Astrid Heyland

Janan Lee

“Beyond Time and Space” by Janan Lee

Our next challenge

Thanks to everyone who joined us in the fun. Make sure to check out the rest of the diptych submissions here! Next month, our challenge will be to recreate one of our favorite photos. It can be your favorite photo of all time, your favorite from a particular artist, your favorite style… we’re not that strict around here. Just give us your best recreation and make sure to use the hashtag #tp_recreation and tag both myself (@thereeljames23) and Kristina (@kalexanderson) or email it to us directly at If you want the chance to have your photo discussed on the show, please have it submitted by Friday, March 29th.


What do you think of our diptychs this time around? Have any thoughts about one of the creativity tangents in this episode? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

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