Podcast: Special 50th Episode!

This week I reach an exciting milestone with the podcast: 50 episodes! To celebrate the occasion, my wife Jordan makes her podcast debut to ask me about why I love toy photography, and share her perspective on this hobby.

I’ve written before about the tremendous influence Jordan has on my work. In addition to being my muse, her fingerprints are on every single image and blog post. She’s with me – in varying degrees – through each step of the photographic process. I’ve come to her for ideas, to proof my blog posts, and to choose between takes in the editing process. She’s helped me loudly crinkle the blind bags of the latest Collectible Minifigure series, and is sometimes an extra pair of hands during complicated photo setups.

That'll Be the Day pig flying lego photo by james garcia thereeljames
On the podcast, Jordan shares the hilarious origin of this photo I took in 2015

The Other Side of the Story

When I started six years ago, toy photography didn’t just become a daily part of my life, but her’s as well. That was something I really wanted to explore on the podcast, while also finally sharing a bit of my history. Jordan asked me about how I discovered toy photography, the secret way I started writing for Shelly, my creative goals, and more. It was an exceptionally fun conversation, and I think you’ll really enjoy hearing her side of the story!

50 Episodes and Counting!

LEGO Minifigure Podcast 50 by James Garcia thereeljames

Thank you to everyone for being here for 50 podcast episodes! I still can’t believe I have the opportunity to do a project like this, and I’m thankful for all of the support I’ve had along the way.

And a big thanks to Jordan for coming onto the show and sharing her perspective. I wouldn’t be who I am without you, and love sharing this fun hobby with you. Thank you.

If our listeners have similar experiences with their partners, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below! And to hear similar stories, check out Lizzi’s post from last week, “Thank you for loving a toy photographer.”

See you next week!


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Dungeons & Dragons LEGO photo by James Garcia thereeljames
We also discussed this shot, “Dungeons & Dragons,” which took me 1,000 takes to get right


  1. 50 episodes is a very respectable number for sure! Jordan did a great job hosting. This was a great episode. The whole pig on a chopstick thing is hilarious! Having extra hands around is extremely valuable and definitely can save you a lot of frustration when taking photos. 😀

  2. Kevin thibault

    Amazing. I havent listened to this one yet but I just wanted to say that over the past two months I have listen to all the podcasts. ( my work allows me to be plugged in. ) you have introduced me to many photographers and many techniques, you have given me inspiration, i have enjoyed looking at the work and for me the theme episodes are just gold. Thank you and all involved and congratulations on a job very well done and here is hoping for many many more.

  3. brett_wilson

    “Your office was like a hookah lounge,” might just be my favourite line from all 50 podcasts!
    Well done of a great podcast James and Jordan!*
    And well done of the amazing milestone James. Here’s to the next 50!

    *James, you’d better watch out. Jordan nailed this interview mate!

  4. Wonderful episode James and Jordan; your conversation was a treat to listen to. James you’re so lucky that you have such a supportive wife and family. And on a personal note, thanks for reaching out way back when to write for the blog. It’s been wonderful working with you on SiP, Toy Photographers as well as the podcast. You have really stepped it up as a leader in the toy photography community, well done! Congratulations on 50 episodes and here’s to 50 more!

  5. kristina

    great episode 🙂 So vivid – love the insights on your photography and Jordans insight on being a supportive partner. I wish I had more stories like yours around my own photography. I wish I could say that I get my family involved, but I have gone the other way. My toyphotography is ”mostly” mine. I’m stuborn and my family early realized that being part of photography means being in the way and mostly it’s better to do other stuff instead of getting in the middle of it. I love the fact that you do it together.

  6. Kim Bozarth

    I loved this episode, of course. As Jordan’s mom I, too, have witnessed James’ growth as an artist over the years. I’m so thrilled he found toy photography and for the passion he feels for it. Jordan and James are a great pair in every way and it is highlighted in this podcast; they really do have this much genuine mutual respect in real life and it is a real gift! I remember that day in Toys ‘R Us when Jordan was on a mission to find mini figs and how I just didn’t get it. Later, if you remember, I helped you in Target one time, ‘feeling up’ all the packages. By then I got it! Great job, James, on your 50th episode. I really enjoy these and look forward to what the next 50 hold. The story about the ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ shot that you took 1000 frames on and said you had a blast spending five hours on it is very telling. When you’re so passionate about your art that you can do that without frustration you know you’ve found your bliss. The Legos on the countertop freshly washed, the pig on a chopstick, the ‘hookah lounge’ comment, all solid gold. Like you guys.

  7. Tony Tulloch

    Congratulations Jordan and James. This is one of my favourite podcasts in the series. My partner and I listened to this together and we could associate with your stories.

    It’s a wonderful insight into James’ thinking and an entertaining listen. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Astrid

    A great podcast James ❤️ and hat off Jordan … you are a great host!!! I enjoyed listening to you Booth and stood with you on tiptoe at the window, Jordan 😂😂😂 wonderful story ❤️ James, congratulations to 50 episodes and I look forward to the next 50 🙋🏼

  9. Janan

    Firstly, congratulations James on the 50th episode! It’s such a pleasure to listen to both of you chat and indeed, it gives us another layer of insight into your passion for this hobby and creative arts in general.

    Looking forward to Jordan’s cameo again in future and who knows James might convert the master bedroom into a toy room/studio by then! Haha!

    My family has been supportive with my hobby which is great. Looking after a little one year old is a handful and prioritising time is always a juggle. Nonetheless, I’m thankful for the support I have.

  10. Enid

    Wow that was awesome James to have a very supportive woman it’s truly a blessing . thank you Jordan . I don’t have any support on my end so I guess that’s why I don’t do many things that I want to do I’ve so much desires to get into photography and I don’t do it because other things get in the way. thank you for the podcast I really enjoyed it.

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