Podcast 48 – Astrid Heyland (@Hey.Light) Interview

Even before I ever started photographing toys, I was in awe of Preiser’s catalog of miniatures that populate model train sets at a staggeringly small 1:87 to real life (commonly known as HO scale). Though I’ve never shot these figures myself, some of my favorite toy photographers use them.


It should come as no surprise that I fell in love with the work of Astrid Heyland, who goes by @hey.light on Instagram. Astrid cleverly mixes these HO scale miniatures with LEGO minifigures, real-life objects and food. She puts craftsmen and artists to work with a witty sense of humor and and eye for poppy colors.

Instagram Preiser toy photography by Astrid Heyland
“Community” by Astrid Heyland

This was a truly unique podcasting experience for me. We were joined by Astrid’s god-daughter, who helped with translations and clarifying turns of phrase from Astrid’s native German to English. Despite a bit of a language barrier, we had a fun and relaxed conversation. We were just two people from across the world talking about our love of toys. It helped that Astrid is very kind and speaks passionately about her love of photography and her precious Preiser figures.

Thanks to Astrid for the nice conversation, and thank you for listening! If you want to know more about Astrid, you can read her “Why?” post on the blog, and follow her on Instagram and Flickr. Then, continue the discussion with us in the comments below!


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sword swallower preiser toy photography by Astrid Heyland
“Sword and Sweets” by Astrid Heyland


  1. What a great podcast Astrid and James!!! I loved learning more about Astrid’s journey and hearing her voice after all these months of IG comments and chatting. Astrid, the podcast was so vibrant and interesting. James, you always guide these podcasts so effectively and kindly. Thank you both. Great work!! PS: Astrid, as you know, I adore your work. Looking forward to wherever your toy photography takes you next.

  2. Astrid

    Wärmest thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed the conversation with James very much … you’re right, he’s a great interviewer, and he guided me so wonderful Kindle through the conversation. I’m not sure yet where my journey will lead me but I’m sure that your pictures will inspire me in the future as well. See you soon and with kind regards from Germany ❤️ Astrid

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