This week on the podcast, I’m replaying an old episode to celebrate some recent news.

As you know, two big news items recently graced the blog: To start, the documentary about the 2016 toy photo safari, Toy Photographers: The Seattle Interviewsis now live for your viewing pleasure! Secondly, Shelly has announced the location of our next United States-based meetup, to take place in Moab, Utah next April.

On Oldie But a Goodie

Because of this news (and, to be honest, the Thanksgiving holiday this past weekend) I thought this was a great time to re-share a previous interview that I conducted this summer with Leila Chieko and Cindy Dokter. In the discussion the three of us talked not only about the work that Leila put into filming and editing The Seattle Interviews, but we recapped this year’s Oregon Toy Photo Safari. With a new meetup on the horizon, and the documentary now live for all to see, I wanted to take this chance to play that conversation again, for anyone who may have missed it earlier this year and to give a glimpse at what happens at these awesome toy photography meetups!

Next Week: Portraits!

We’ll be back to a normal episode next week, as Kristina and I discuss the Portraits theme, so if you have yet to submit an entry you can do so by uploading your interpretation and tagging both of us on social media. We’re @thereeljames23 and @kalexanderson on Instagram, or you can find us on MeWe and Flickr as well. If you want the possibility of your photo being talked about on the podcast, please make sure to have it submitted by Friday November 30th, because we’ll be recording first thing on the morning of the 1st.

Thanks as always for listening! I’ll see you guys next week.


Toy Photographers: The Seattle Interviews from Leila Chieko on Vimeo. Featured image by Leila Chieko.