Contentment resentment

Oh no! Not that content jerk again! What’s he doing here?

Last weekend Shelly and I had a catch up to discuss our plans for next year. We also talked about what had to be done before this year quickly dissolved into the new one.

I saw there were only 4 empty blog post slots for me to fill for the rest of the year. And one of those was to announce the MeWe November #tp_photochallenge_fairytale challenge winner of the LEGO Ideas Pop-up Book and the runners up. Plus there’s the announcement of the BBTS Star Wars Black Series winners! That left only 3 to do. And the last one would be a recap of this year and look towards 2019. Only 2!

That’s when ‘content me’ stepped in and ruined things. Jerk!

: satisfied or showing satisfaction with things as they are
noun: the state of being contented with your situation
verb: satisfy in a limited way

As. They. Are.

In. A. Limited. Way.

I don’t like content me!

Content me uses the word ‘lunch’ as a verb, he irons socks, and his knowledge of legitimate 2 letter words in Scrabble is mediocre at best. He puts toilet paper on the holder so it hangs down at the back, he counts the ‘sleeps’ until Christmas, and the only time he completed a Sudoku it had two 7s in one row and was missing the 5. He says ‘Pacific’ when he means ‘specific’, he refuses to play Hungry Hungry Hippos unless he’s the yellow one, and he happily listens to the radio with the volume set to an odd number. Content me is that collar up, giving the double thumbs up, blinking in photos on purpose guy. Content me is a jerk!

I don’t like content me. I don’t like feeling content. I’m not satisfied with things as they are.

content: Cheers big ears!
Cheers big ears!

As Mike Muir said, ‘Cause me, me, I want more’!

Content me is just there to hold the door open for complacent me. And he’ll more than likely bow and make some over theatrical gesture as complacent me walks in. Sheesh!

If you meet content me, mock his ironed socks, grab the yellow Hungry Hungry Hippo before he does, set the volume to an even number, and ridicule him for this post.

Just don’t let him know!

Just don’t let him know that he made me remember to remind you to get your entries in for the November #tp_photochallenge_fairytale challenge and the BBTS Black Series giveaway!

– Brett

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  1. Maybe it’s just me, but what are you content about? And are you angry about being content? Are you angry about having only 2 blog posts left? Or are you content? I’m sorry, I really don’t understand what you wanted to say by this. If you want more blog posts, I’m sure you can post more, because why not? I’m really confused.

    • brett_wilson

      I felt content knowing that my blogging work was nearly done. I don’t like feeling content, I like to be pushed. It’s when I’m pushed, I produce. When I take my foot off the accelerator and slow down I worry that I’ll become stagnate and complacent.
      Contentment is just a short car ride from complacency and smugness. And I’ve got no desire to visit those towns. That’s why I’d rather have a little chaos going on. And just because there’s only a handful of posts to complete for this year, there’s plenty of chaos going on to keep me happy. Good chaos!

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