I’ve got an odd show lined up for you this week, as I recover from a cold and get back into the swing of things.

October’s been a peculiar month for me. I went on vacation for the first time in over a year, and while I had a great time getting away, my wife and I both returned home with colds. A week of relaxation was followed by one of exhaustion. That’s why there wasn’t an episode last week, and why I have something a bit different in store for the show today.

As I bounce back from my cold I’m prepping the next batch of upcoming episodes. I’m excited for what’s coming, but it’ll take a week or two to get there. So, I’ve got a bonus episode this week, and an exciting idea for next week.

Got Questions?

Since starting this show, people have been asking me when I would be in the interview chair and talk about my own work. It was Kristina suggesting it that eventually led to us doing our monthly themed episodes together. It all started because she was interested in my creative process. I’ve hesitated to make an episode about me because I didn’t want to come off as self-serving. I created this show so that I could interview other people and get into their heads. Still, I do know that the longer you listen to the show, the more my own story and personality starts to come through.

So, I’ll be recording a special episode of the show where I’m in the hot seat. My wife Jordan is going to interview me, and I’ve already solicited questions from some of the others on the blog. But I want your questions too!

You can send questions to me either on Instagram, where I’ve got a Q&A saved in the highlights of my page, or even send me an Instagram DM. My username is thereeljames23. You can also leave a comment below or shoot me an email at toyphotographypod@gmail.com. I’ll try to answer them on-air next week.

Twin Peaks

This isn’t at all related to toy photography, but I wanted to give you something to listen to and thought this might be of interest. My cousin Caleb does video and podcast work of his own, and just interviewed my grandfather, Ron Garcia.

Ron is a cinematographer, and has worked in Hollywood since the 70s. He’s done films and a ton of television work, on shows like the Hawaii Five-O reboot, Rizzoli and Isles, Gilmore Girls, and most famously, Twin Peaks. He was the cinematographer for the Twin Peaks pilot, and for the film, Fire Walk with Me.

Caleb’s interview with Ron was all about what it was like working on Twin Peaks. So, if you’re into the show, or at all interested in what a cinematographer has to say about his work, I’ve included their full interview in this episode. You can also check out the video below. You can find more of Caleb’s work on this website, kayleberty.com.

Thank you all for bearing with me while I’ve been down, it means a lot to me that you guys listen to this show. I’m excited to see what questions you have for me. Until next time, here’s Caleb’s interview with Ron Garcia, on the Secret History of Twin Peaks.


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