Podcast 23: Janan Lee (Spideygoeshygge) Interview

This week on the podcast, I’m joined by friendly neighborhood photographer Janan Lee, a.k.a. Spideygoeshygge!

With Great Power…

SH Figuarts Marvel Spider-Man by Janan Lee Spideygoeshygge
“Dutch Tilt Framing” by Janan Lee

Janan is relatively new to toy photography, but has already become an integral member of the community. He’s originally from Singapore but now lives in Melbourne Australia, where he recently co-hosted the Melbourne Photo Walk with our pal Tony Tulloch.

I talked to Janan about why he loves and photographs Spider-Man, whether becoming a father has affected his photography, the great power and great responsibility that comes with social media, and more!

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Marvel samurai spider-man by Janan Lee spideygoeshygge
Samurai Dad by Janan Lee


  1. brett_wilson

    Great podcast guys!
    Janan, I can’t wait to catch up this weekend and shoot some toys (in pusher friendly terrain!), hand over your Oregon gifts, and start planning the next Melbourne Toy Photographers meetup!

    • Janan

      My pleasure Shelly and you gotta come visit us in Melbourne one day where the best coffee (some say) in the world reside at. I promise to speak slower than I did in the podcast too. 😂

  2. Tony Tulloch

    I had to chuckle at “…five…six shelves…” In my head I was hearing “then seven, then eight, then…”
    It is so cool to be 10mins drive from such a great toy photographer and friend. Another wonderful podcast James.

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