Podcast 15 – Tourmaline Interview

On this week’s podcast, I caught up with a friend you’re likely already acquainted with: Tourmaline!

Tourmaline is a miniature photographer from Florida, and was one of our first regular contributors here at the Toy Photographers blog. I was excited to catch up with her, and ask about how she chooses her miniature subjects, her unique and sometimes macabre style, and her new projects for 2018, which include a new Youtube channel!

My Chat with Tourmaline

As always, the episode is live now wherever you get your podcasts. It’s also available for your listening pleasure right here on the blog!

Attempting Normal by Tourmaline

Thank you for listening! You can find more of Tourmaline’s work on her website and Instagram, and follow her new work on Youtube and her @crafttour Instagram account. Check out that Florida Toy Photographers group here on Facebook if you’re interested, and find out more information about her work on display at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures here!


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  1. JP

    I usually HATE Podcast, coz they are so long and just full of people loving the sound of their own voice. This one is so much different, insightful, entertaining, and just the right length. Well done guys.

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