Podcast 10 – Bricks Cascade and Jenelle Nowak Interview

This week we’re mixing things up on the podcast, because Shelly and I attended Bricks Cascade yesterday!

Bricks Cascade is an annual LEGO fan expo in Portland, Oregon. This year, Shelly was invited to host a talk and workshop on LEGO photography. When she then extended that invitation to me, I happily agreed to tag along to help set up a few photo studio examples and do some special podcasting. Plus I wanted to see her portable outdoor studio in person! (Spoiler alert: It’s amazing).

Special Episode

For the podcast, I conducted quick interviews with some of the attendees, to get their reactions and hear what drew them to the workshop. I also included snippets of Shelly’s talk, and round out the episode by doing a full interview with Jenelle Nowak, aka Mrs.Playwell. In addition to being a photographer and a builder, Jenelle is a theme coordinator for Bricks Cascade, and was instrumental in getting photography added to the exhibition hall. I knew that if I was going to do a special episode for the convention, I had to talk to Jenelle!

The episode is live now at the usual places, and as always you can listen to it right here:

Thanks to all of the folks who make Bricks Cascade such an amazing event! It’s a volunteer effort and clearly a labor of love. See you next year!


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  1. Jenelle (Mrs.Playwell)

    Thanks so much for having me, and Bricks Cascade, on the podcast James!! I had such a fun time talking with you, and enjoying the con together this weekend! And you did a fabulous job putting this episode together!!

  2. Jenelle (Mrs.Playwell)

    JP… I know that the guys from Beyond the Brick got A TON of video footage of the event and the displays, including some of the Photography (if they include it… they are mostly builder focused), so you should be able to catch an across-the-pond glimpse from them soon. 😊

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