This week we’re mixing things up on the podcast, because Shelly and I attended Bricks Cascade yesterday!

Bricks Cascade is an annual LEGO fan expo in Portland, Oregon. This year, Shelly was invited to host a talk and workshop on LEGO photography. When she then extended that invitation to me, I happily agreed to tag along to help set up a few photo studio examples and do some special podcasting. Plus I wanted to see her portable outdoor studio in person! (Spoiler alert: It’s amazing).

Special Episode

For the podcast, I conducted quick interviews with some of the attendees, to get their reactions and hear what drew them to the workshop. I also included snippets of Shelly’s talk, and round out the episode by doing a full interview with Jenelle Nowak, aka Mrs.Playwell. In addition to being a photographer and a builder, Jenelle is a theme coordinator for Bricks Cascade, and was instrumental in getting photography added to the exhibition hall. I knew that if I was going to do a special episode for the convention, I had to talk to Jenelle!

The episode is live now at the usual places, and as always you can listen to it right here:

Thanks to all of the folks who make Bricks Cascade such an amazing event! It’s a volunteer effort and clearly a labor of love. See you next year!


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