And we have a winner: Ang Cheng Ann aka Sunny aka @zekezachzoom!! Sunny is the winner of the inaugural (Yes, there will be more!) Lensbaby USA / Toy Photographers Bingo Challenge! To be entered into this epic challenge (complete with epic prize), we simply asked members of our community to create 13 photos from various word prompts. Even with a year to complete the task, only 14 photographers made it over the finish line!!

Photo challenge are notoriously difficult. It doesn’t matter if its a seven day, one month or 365 day challenge; that kind of commitment can be difficult. Not getting sidetracked by [waves hands at everything] is a cause for serious celebration! I wish I had a prize to give to everyone who finished this herculean task! Plus I’m very grateful for Lensbaby for being so gracious in donating this amazing gift.

Announcing the winner!

Because I wanted to make this contest as inclusive as possible, everyone was welcome to enter. This meant admins, writers and everyone who helps to keep this blog going. Again, to make this as fair a contest as possible, I decided to choose the winner at random. I think you will see when you look at the entries, that choosing the best one would be a very difficult choice.

Of course announcing the winner was a great excuse to gather everyone together over ZOOM. Its been ages since we have connected in person. This gave us a chance to look at all the entries and also watch me pull the winner’s name out of the hat. This was the cherry on top so to speak. It was great fun to see everyone in person. We all agreed it had been too long and this year we will do a mid year check in. You know, any excuse to get together with friends!

While Sunny might have been our random winner, I honestly feel that everyone who finished the challenge is a winner. To complete such an epic task needs to be celebrated!

I hope you will help me celebrate these heroic photographers by leaving a comment below. And why not join us for this years Bingo Challenge!

The entries

Images By Sunny
Images by Tao
Images by Mark Phillips
Images by Janan
Images by Mary
Images by Soph
Images by Tom
Images by Tobia
Images by Stellan
Images by Beth
Images by Tomek

Not shown are entries by Barb, Joshua, and Matthew. I will update the post as they come in.

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Thank you again to everyone who entered! You’re all winners in my book!