In 1992, Sonic joined forces with a young fox called Miles ‘Tails’ as he was visiting West Side Island in Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Sonic reaches the island using his trusty little plane, which later becomes synonymous with Tails more than Sonic. The plane has since appeared in many Sonic adventures including games, cartoons, and the second live-action Sonic movie. Tails is also quite the inventor who builds various gadgets in his own little workshop. You get both the plane and Tails’ workshop in this LEGO set along with a Sonic and Tails minifigure. Let’s dive into the Sonic The Hedgehog Tails’ Workshop and Tornado Plane (76991) set!

The LEGO Set

This set is the smallest of the Sonic LEGO sets and comes with three minifigures, a plane, and a workshop.

Tails workshop has a lot of great details and accessories for posing and playing with.

The plane was fun to build and was very sturdy. when the kids dropped it it was super easy to put back together as well.

There’s also a spot on top of the plane for Tails or Sonic to stand on.

The LEGO Minifigures

I love the Tails minifigure and it has a permanent spot on my desk along with the Sonic from the Speed Sphere set. Great print and they did a solid job on the two tails.

The Sonic minifigure in this set is pretty much the same as the other sets with the exception that the left eye is winking.

The LEGO set also comes with the little one Clucky the chicken for a tiny minifigure addition.

Overall I enjoyed this set and the minifigures. The plane is super sturdy for display and play and the lab will keep you Tails, and Sonic busy for days.