On this episode of the Toy Photographers Podcast, I had the privilege to host a roundtable featuring James Garcia (@thereelJames23), Arielle Nadel (@miatherabbit), and Trevor Williams (@onesix_shooter). The topic? All about creativity: Where to find it, how to harness it, and what to do when it gives you trouble.

Creativity is a pretty abstract concept. Can you define it? What does it look like? Is creativity something that’s tangible? Or do you just know it when you feel it or see it? Does seeing others’ creativity inspire you or make you jealous? And does creativity only exist in artistic endeavors, or can one express creativity through, say, spreadsheets? You might be surprised at the answer!


Listen in as my guests and I work through their answers to these questions and more:

  • Do you consider yourself creative?
  • What does the creative process look like?
  • Is the creative process the same when shooting “for fun” and shooting professionally?
  • What’s the relationship between social media and creativity?
  • Where does your inspiration come from?
  • Have you ever thought about walking away from your creative work?
  • What makes a shot stand out to you?

We also discuss:

  • How constraints can be freeing
  • Escaping the pressures of social media
  • Experiencing and overcoming creative blocks
  • 365 projects
  • Tips for finding and harnessing your creative power

The Podcast

Work referenced during discussion

Trevor Williams

Arielle Nadel

James Garcia


Thank you for listening to the Toy Photographers Podcast! If you would like to see more work created by our guests, we’ve included a few links below. Thank you as always for listening to the podcast. Feel free to share with likeminded friends and help us spread the word. See you next time for more ideas on creativity!