Recently I sat down with Matt Frederick, Shelly Corbett and Joshua Kittleson to talk Traveling with Toys. They were kind enough to share the joys and pitfalls of taking toys on the road (or the skies). I hope you enjoy our conversation.

We had a far-ranging discussion that covered favorite locations, mishaps on the road, how we pack our toys and more. I’ve included a few photos below to illustrate some aspects of our conversation that had a more visual nature. Plus of course, a few favorite images taken while traveling with toys.

Alan Rappa

Cantina in a cantina—taken at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Walt Disney World

Matt Frederick

Tragedy strikes!

Shelly Corbett

Land Shark by Shelly Corbett, taken in Moab, Utah

Joshua Kittleson

Neil! You can follow Neil’s adventures at @neil_the_traveler
“While climbing on some rocks, my son spotted this little hallway and called me over to it.” – Joshua
Inside Joshua Kittleson’s camera bag / satchel.

Thank you!

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