This episode of The Toy Photographers Podcast is a conversation with Danny Neumann. Neumann is a toy photographer who creates unique fan art using vintage 3 ½” action figures. He’s best known for the epic 365 project “At Home with the Super Neumanns.” Danny’s work is impressive and has been featured on his local NPR station, Action Figure Insider and The Pop Insider

Danny and I talk about the creative process, the inspiration behind his images and what it feels like to connect with your audience in-person. He has a unique style and story telling aesthetic in the toy photography community. I’m excited to share a small peek into the life of this singular creative voice.

At Home with the Super Neumanns

Bad Day 1: “Did you say not to put this in the dryer?”

You can see all 365 images chronicling the daily life of the Super Neumanns on Danny’s website. I highly recommend taking the time to look at all the images on the site. You can look at them in order and see them a little larger than on Instagram. Danny embeds each image with tiny details that deserve a longer look than a quick scroll through his feed can provide.

The Quiet Life of G. Rider

What now?

The story surrounding The Quiet Life of G. Rider has three parts, plus an epilogue. You can see all the photos in the series on @cantinadanny or at

Thank you Danny

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Danny Neumann. It was a real pleasure getting to know Danny and being given even the briefest glimpse into his creative genius.

Thank you for listening!


P.S. If you would like to more information about Airmax Customizers, which Danny mentions in our interview, you can find it here.