Take Your Toys to Work

What happens when you take your toys to work? With the COVID-19 pandemic and the inevitable upheaval and changes in my own work life, I figured its time to find out.

You shall not cross…the kiln room?
Who knew the welding table was a portal to another world?
All the world’s a stage..including these glass baubles!
Catch me if you can!!
Two friends emerge from the leftover hardware.
Afternoon delight.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” 

― W.B. Yeats

Thank you for visiting my first six-image narrative since this series started. Are you feeling the challenge to stay creative in the middle of a pandemic like I am? To combat my own malaise I decide to emulate my good friend Jason. I figured if DoctorNvermore can sneak in a toy photo or two in-between his work responsibilities, I can, too! So I snuck my toys into my new work life to see what would develop.

Of course the idea is always easier than the execution. I originally thought I could take a photo a day and knock this six-image narrative out in a week. Then reality set in. I turns out I needed time to figure out what would work in this industrial situation; balance my work responsibilities with fun, and of course figure out the lighting. Now, four weeks later, I have a finished set of images!

How are you staying creative during this time of change and uncertainty? Have you ever taken your toys to work? If so, what happened? Please leave a comment below—I’d love to hear about your own work experiences or about staying creative during a global pandemic.


  1. Mary Wardell

    Love your images, Shelly! Great creativity in placing them. Since I’m retired my home is also my work place so I’m lucky enough not to have a boss looking over my shoulder. I just might have to do more at home shoots. Seems like lately my shots are all outdoors.

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