If you’ve been following the blog, and particularly Shelly’s work, you’ve no doubt seen the fantastic custom Mouse Guard minifigures created by Crazy Bricks‘ Guy Himber. If you’re like me and have been wanting to photograph the long out-of-stock figures yourself, you’re in luck!

Today, Guy has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for Bricks of the Mouse Guard 2, which represents a special re-release of the original seven figures, plus the addition of six new characters from the beloved graphic novels to add to your collection!

In anticipation of the new Kickstarter campaign, Shelly recommended we get Guy onto the podcast for an interview. An award-winning builder himself and author of LEGO Steampunk, Guy is a fascinating creator who has inspired many photographers and builders in the LEGO community.

Going behind-the-scenes with Guy Himber

Before founding Crazy Bricks, Guy worked extensively in the film industry, on special effects for movies like Edward Scissorhands, Independence Day and I, Robot. As it turns out, those skills bleed right into custom toy design. Throughout our chat, Guy pulled back the curtain and explained how an idea goes from a scribble on a cocktail napkin, through design and manufacturing, all the way to sales and distribution. He talked about his Kickstarter successes and failures, shared some tips for anyone looking to crowdsource their own passion projects, and more. It was a fun and informative conversation!

Thanks to Shelly for connecting me with Guy, and for sharing her own experience photographing his creations over the years!

Bricks of the Mouse Guard 2 is live on Kickstarter now! You can back the project here.


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The brave Conrad – by Shelly Corbett