Nostalgia is todays theme on the Toy Photographers Podcast. We talk about nostalgia because it is a common theme in the toy photography community. Toy photographers often play with the toys of their own childhoods. Nostalgic images are often thinly veiled reminisces of a favorite movies or a moment from our personal lives. And as Shelly put’s it: “toys as motive, lend themselves well to this emotion”. We both use nostalgia as a theme with varying results.

Nostalgia is a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. ~ Wikipedia

We invite you to listen to the episode. If this podcast resonates with you we would love to hear how you use nostalgia in your own toy photography. Do you use it as a tool to connect to your childhood? Is nostalgia a way to relive a happy memory from your own past ? Or another way for your to connect with your viewers?

The images we discuss in the episode

“Imagination will take you everywhere.” ~ by Shelly Corbett

Efter balen- Askungen (Cinderella) Kristina Alexanderson

“Some stories are rooted in adventure…” ~ By Shelly Corbett



I’m afraid of the droids Kristina Alexanderson

Up Next

This is our final podcast in this short mini-series hosted by us, Kristina an Shelly. James will be back next week and resume his regularly scheduled programing. And next week time for a theme episode – and the theme for this month is recreate. If you would like to participate in the next challenge simply recreate one of your own favorite images. Next, upload your images to social media with the hashtag #tp_recreation. Be sure to tag both James (@thereeljames23) and Kristina (@kalexanderson) on Instagram. Or you can email James and Kristina directly at When you submit an image to one of the Podcast Theme Challenges you have a chance to have your work discussed on the show.

Thank you James for letting us take over the Toy Photographers podcast. We hope you’ve enjoyed our efforts as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them!

Kristina and Shelly