On this week’s show, Dave DeBaermaeker returns to help me explore our history with shooting both LEGO and action figures.

Dave and I actually enjoy photographing both. However, despite starting out as LEGO photographers, we’ve both gravitated more toward action figure photography since last year’s Oregon Toy Photo Safari. Is that a coincidence? To find out, we dove into our history with both LEGO and action figures, the pros and cons that come with each, and the challenges that come with changing the scale of your subject.

What about you? Do you prefer LEGO to action figures, or vice versa? Are you like me and Dave, bouncing from one to the other depending on the photo? Or do you shoot another kind of toy entirely? We’d love to continue the discussion with you in the comment section below! Also, make sure to check out last year’s podcast interview with Dave if you missed it (or just want to re-listen!).


There’s still a week left to participate in this month’s themed podcast discussion: Recreating your favorite photo or artwork. We’ll be recording our podcast next Saturday morning, so if you want to join us and get the chance to have your interpretation discussed on the podcast, please have it uploaded or sent to us by this Friday, March 29th. Tag your photos #tp_recreation and tag both myself (@thereeljames23) and Kristina (@kalexanderson).

LEGO Action Figure Marvel Spider-Man by James Garcia thereeljames23

“You’re like me!”