This week, our good friend Tony Tulloch returns to the podcast to discuss our new Toy Photographers communities on MeWe and Flickr!

When the news broke last month that Alphabet was pulling the plug on Google+, our team immediately sprang into action. Within minutes of the announcement, the moderators of our G+ Community were discussing where to go next and the various pros and cons of the internet’s plethora of social media platforms. From the obvious choices like Facebook and Instagram, to the obscure platforms and various self-hosted methods, we looked far and wide (and discovered the costs of social media).

Home Sweet Home

Photo by Tony Tulloch

Thank you to Shelly, Brett, Lizzi, and all of our amazing moderators, Julie, Dave, Janan, Teddi, Joe, Tony, Tomasz, and Ryan for finding us a new home. We are now on both MeWe and Flickr.

Google+ was community, MeWe is starting to feel like family. – Tony Tulloch

On the podcast a few weeks ago, Kristina asked me about the news, and I was embarrassed to admit that I had been a bit out of the loop. It was then that I knew we should do a podcast episode on it. I decided to reach out to Tony, who was instrumental not only in helping us find our new home, but in the creation of the G+ community as well. He’s also now even acting as the shepherd of the community on MeWe, meaning he’d be the perfect person to talk to! We also chatted about his recent month-long trip to America, and October’s Toy Photography Meetup in Melbourne.

Thanks to Tony for coming back onto the show, and for taking us on a deep dive of the new community. If you haven’t joined our MeWe family, you can do so here. And don’t forget to find us out on Flickr if you’re looking for a great place to share your work in full resolution.


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LEGO Star Wars Scout Trooper hiking minifigure by James Garcia

Off to another social media adventure!