The rules of DEIMOS

I know what you are thinking: “What is DEIMOS, and why does it have rules?”  Furthermore your thoughts likely lean towards “Why do I care?”, and “anything on Netflix?” 

The answer are, in reverse order “No, your favourite shows were removed yesterday!”, and “I’ll get to that, hold your horses.”

First I need to tell you a story.

Is it a short story?

    Yes it is (tho I have a tendency to wander in my thoughts, so stay close and hold on.)

    So I have listened to the Toy Photographers Podcast since the very first episode.  Frequently the host, James Garcia, interviews various folks about their toy photography activities.  One of the questions I remember being asked more than once (at least I think it was more than once – I didn’t take notes) was something along the lines of: “Do you have any rules for your toy photography?”  

    Basically, do you stay true to the source material, or does anything go?

    The first time I heard that question, my response was a rather smug and snarky “no rules!”   However the more I thought about it, the more I realized there are, in fact, some rules I seem to follow in my work.  So I decided I’d write them down and explore just what makes my universe tick.

    Originally I was going to reveal these shocking and stunning insights during my podcast interview, but I’ve never been asked to appear on the show.  Fiddlesticks!

    (As an aside, I am not sure what it takes to get onto the show, but apparently a subtle nod from across the room at the Oregon Toy Safari in James’s general direction while he’s looking away and eating a Tim Tam is not enough.  Next time I am going to try holding the Tim Tams before I give him that subtle nod, and maybe a playful wink and maybe add in a come-hither look.)

    So, slighted at my changes of audio fame,  I decided I’d answer this question here.

So, what the heck is DEIMOS?

    I am so glad you asked!

    Alone the lines of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and the DCEU (DC Extended Universe), DEIMOS is  the name that defines the universe my work exists in. It is a name that I invented, while walking thru the mean streets of Zurich 20 minutes ago, so totally legit.  DEIMOS stands for “Dave’s Enigmatic Intersecting Multiverse (Or Something)” It is basically the name for the universe in which reside all of my toy photos.

    So now that I have a long term established universe for my work, we can discuss the rules that govern it.

    When I say rules, I mean the same definition of rules like the Rule Of Thirds, or the Rules Of Composition – basically, they are guidelines, and can be violated at will if it serves the art.

    Also, while I am on a tangent, the following are the rules of DEIMOS.  In no way am I implying that these are rules your work should follow. That would be both incredibly arrogant, and rather boring.  You are free to define the rules of your toy universes anyway that floats your boat. These are mine, and mine only (tho you can borrow them if you like.)

Can we get to the rules now?

    Sure, tho like I said, these are more guidelines than actual rules.  Here we go.

Rule 1:   Mixing universes is totally allowed

   I haven’t done a lot of mixing of universes, but it is allowed in the DEIMOS.  My Star Wars characters live in the same multiverse as the Marvel characters, so there isn’t really anything preventing them from mixing it up now and then.  It just doesn’t happen often due to the distances of space and time separating the universes.

    So once we solve that whole space-time thing, expect a lot more mixing of worlds in my multiverse.

Delorean hits TARDIS
Mixing genres is allowed in DEIMOS, but some care is required to not violate space-time.

Rule 2:  Characters behavior follows their established canon

    This basically means that I don’t change characteristics of a given character.  Regardless of where they are placed, Luke Skywalker will always be a good guy. Depending on the age of Luke he may be a whiny brat, or a wise wizard, but always be a good guy.  Furthermore Darth Vader will always be a bad ass with a short fuse. Tony Stark will always be a snarky genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist.  Ewoks will always be yub nub. (You get the idea.)

    This is likely why I, like many others, like Stormtroopers.  Due to their anonymous nature of their helmets, they can be anyone, and have any characteristics, so they can be used for pretty much any situation.

Stormtrooper surfing on a sea of foam
Stormtrooper surfing on a sea of foam

Rule 3:  There is no rule 3

Rule 4:  The characters actions must be plausible to their character

    Basically this means that whatever the character is doing, it must be plausible and true to his character.  If Captain America visits the Star Wars universe, he’d still be a good guy. If Darth Vader ever came to earth, he would still be a short tempered death wizard villain, and not, say, a pizza delivery guy.  

No matter where he goes, Vader will always love a good force choke.

    Again I am not saying that you can’t make Vader a pizza delivery guy in your universe, just saying it is highly unlikely to happen in mine.  Even if it did happen in mine, he’d still be a short tempered death wizard, so you better tip him very, very well.

Rule 5: Mixing LEGO and action figures is perfectly cromulent

DEIMOS does not discriminate between toys.  They can all mix together as they wish.  I’m not here to judge.

Deadpool watching TV
Deadpool watching TV Head

Rule 6:  Humans and toys totally mix

When I talk about my universe, I am not kidding.  I do other work besides toys, and it all works together.  Humans and toys are totally allowed to mix, and not in that Toy Story “living in denial” method. Actual mixing.Dave being held up by Chewbacca

Dave being held up by Chewbacca.  In DEIMOS, this image is totes legit.

Anything else?

    So those seem to encompass the rules of my universe, DEIMOS.  There are likely some other rules I go by, like “all elements in the frame must serve the story”, and “No Smurfs. Ever.”  but those govern all my work, not just the toys, so they are not really worth mentioning here.

    Do you have rules you follow in your toy photography?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


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  1. Lol! Best post I’ve ready in a long time! I was chuckling ALL the way through. I might just have too pick up some surfs now just to be contrarian. I will definitely give a think to my rules (or guidelines) that govern my universe. Maybe there is a post in there for me too. I hope your time in Zurich was productive 🙂

    And yeah, why haven’t you been on the podcast???

    • Thanks Shelly 🙂 Glad it made you chuckle.

      I found writing this to be interesting as I definitely didn’t realize what constraints I did have in my own mental space about my work. I’m curious to see what yours will be.

      AS for the podcast, I dunno. My sister always said I had a face for radio, so I figured I’d be a lock! I suspect James still has a lot of interesting guests lined up and hasn’t had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find me yet. Since its an awesome podcast I don’t mind so much.

  2. brett_wilson

    Great post bloke!

    I do however feel somewhat responsible for your absence from the podcast. Curse those pesky, interfering, delicious Tim Tams. And the jerk that brought them to the Oregon Toy Safari! Although, as that jerk, who was also on the receiving end of one or two of your come-hither looks, I can vouch that they WILL get you on the podcast. They’ll get you anything! That romantic hand-holding skip along the beach we shared was the result of one of those looks.

    I love that there are rules to your universe. I think there are some to mine also, but I haven’t documented them like you. Maybe I need to? But as someone who is always looking for ways to break/bend/bastardize the rules, I don’t know how I’d feel when I did that to the rules I’d set in place. Would I be pissed or proud? Oh it’s too early for an internal existential debate…

    Great post!

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