Goin’ rafting!

Sun is shining and it’s not so bizarre goin’ rafting with your own guitar
Flows the river through the canyon, looks like we’re followed by a lion
«Paddle left!» «No, paddle right!» Dangerous rapids are coming in sight
Bump here, bump there «We’re almost out, don’t despair!»
The raft is gone and we’re just realizing that Brr! The water is so damn freezing!
That was close, we swam like hell but all is well that ends well..

Goin’ rafting!

~ A Six Image Narrative by Luigi Priori (Priovit70)


    • priovit70

      Thank you very much! Well, I must confess that #3 and #4 are two photos of the same setup in the same place, but taken from two different angles. They are the first two photos I took. Then I came up with the idea of a whole story…

  1. Janan

    Wow! One of my favourite 6-image narrative! Great story, wonderfully written poem, lovely tones and such effortless posing to create these natural lifelike scenes. I really like that expression of him in the water!

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