This week on the podcast, I’m chatting with Canadian LEGO photographer Blake Powell, AKA BlvdBricks!

LEGO… Deconstructed

LEGO Eraser Minifigure Stationary Man by Blake Powell BlvdBricks

“Stationery Man” by BlvdBricks

Blake’s work is unlike any other LEGO photographer I’ve talked to. You may know him from his “Deconstructed” series, where he utilizes composition, symmetry and some creative LEGO piece placement to make unique works of art.

We had a great chat about his biggest forms of inspiration, why he loves Instagram, what it was like showing his work at the BrickCan LEGO convention this Spring, how he got his current day job because of toy photography, and so much more! It was a fun conversation, and I think you’ll really enjoy it. I know I did!

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Thanks for listening! You can find Blake’s work on Instagram and on Facebook. Make sure to tune into his live Instagram Stories on Saturday mornings, and check out his podcast!

LEGO Star wars Flametrooper by Blake Powell BlvdBricks

“First Flame” by BlvdBricks


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