It’s time for a new episode of the Toy Photographers Podcast! Until now, most of my guests primarily shoot LEGO, but this week we’re looking at another major corner of the toy photography world: Action figures!

Father’s Figures

When I first started this podcast, there David Valdez was one of first names I added to my list of potential guests. David is perhaps better known by his online moniker, Father’s Figures. While he does occasionally shoot some wonderful LEGO photos, his primary subjects are six-inch figures from lines like the Star Wars Black Series or Marvel Legends. His work is known for its cinematic look, use of practical effects, and epic depiction of pop culture on a toy scale.

Star Wars Black Series Inferno Squad 3-d printed droid by David Valdez Father's Figures

Listen to hear David discuss this photo featuring a custom 3D printed droid and Lens Effects post-processing work.

In addition to explaining how he got into photography, his biggest influences, and attending the Toy Photographers Meet-ups, David opened up about his desire to customize his own toys, and his process behind the scenes. What is a typical shoot like, and how does he use Photoshop to bring his photos to life? Listen to hear all of this and more!

You can listen to the episode on the podcast app of your choice, as well as right here on this page!

Thanks to David for taking the time to come onto the podcast and share so much about his behind-the-scenes process. If you’d like to see him in action, I suggest coming to the Toy Photographers Meet-Up this May in Oregon!


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