Podcast 07 – Tony Tulloch Interview

On this week’s episode of the Toy Photographers Podcast, I talked to Australian photographer Tony Tulloch, who you may know as the “MacGyver” of the Toy Photographers community over on Google+.

Tony has been a photographer for over 40 years, but didn’t begin shooting LEGO until about two years ago. Since then, he has cemented himself as an important part of the community, thanks in no small part to his efforts on Google+. Our community simply wouldn’t be what it is today without Tony’s work behind the scenes as a moderator and his nearly daily posting, behind the scenes tips and tricks, and technological know-how.

The Interview

Tony and I had a fantastic chat about what inspired him to start photographing toys, our mutual nostalgia for the LEGO System line, why he loves Google+, and more! The episode is live now at all the usual places, and as always you can listen here:

Big thanks to Tony for being a fantastic guest! We actually talked for nearly two hours, between dealing with technical issues (we eventually had to record this over a Google Hangout, which is actually perfect considering Tony’s love of the Google platform), recording this episode, or simply chatting off-air about life and toys.

I hope you enjoy the episode and will join our conversation in the comments below!


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  1. A super enjoyable interview Tony and James. Lots of great information shared about photography, skills, community and of course LEGO. After listening to you Tony I realize we have so much in common. I too have a stern resting face so I’m rarely accosted in public. And I also prefer in-camera to PS because my PS skills are dismal. I wonder if that is a hold over from our early days in film?

    “Don’t be jealous, be inspired.” Great advice Tony! Maybe we should make this our official G+ Community motto?

    • Thanks, Shelly! I need to work on my stern face. My wife has always joked that I give off this super friendly vibe that can sometimes attract weirdos.

      I too LOVE that “Don’t be jealous, be inspired” mantra and already find myself adopting it day-to-day when I see a shot I’m envious of.

    • Tony Tulloch

      Thank you Shelly. My shooting time in the public is quite limited, but since the interview I have been out a couple of times. I have tried to remember that I will attract attention with my butt in the air, and have been engaging with onlookers. So far they have been pleasant interactions. Who knows, we may have some prospective toy photographers from them.

  2. brett_wilson

    Fantastic interview! Tony, this took me back to some great times shared, and made me smile. It has also inspired me.
    Yes, be inspired? You’ve inspired me. Thanks mate.

  3. I’m done with #01 this morning while going to work. It’s #07 already released! You folks do amazing work! Sometimes I need to go back for a minute and listening it again because of some language borders, but it’s insanely interesting! Thank you so much for this priceless content! Please keep it up!

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