Kristina and I are back for another theme episode of the Toy Photographers Podcast!

Like our previous “Play” episode, we will have picked a specific theme to photograph, and taken a photo with that theme in mind. We then jump on Skype, share our photos with one another, and discuss what we see, both literally and in terms of how it relates to the theme we picked.

Our theme for this month was “Feelings,” and we had quite the interesting discussion! The episode is live now wherever you get your podcasts (including iTunesStitcherGoogle Play), and it’s embedded right here on this post. To follow along with the episode, make sure you check out the images Kristina and I took below!

My Images

I cheated a bit this month and took two images to discuss. As you’ll recall from our “Play” episode, Kristina challenged me to photograph a figure so that you couldn’t see its face. I not only accepted her challenge, but took it a step further and removed the context from my subject all together. Could I successfully depict emotion and feelings simply through body language?

What feelings do you see?

The emotion was harder to pick up on than I initially anticipated, so I tried again. I wanted to keep the basic concept the same, so I only added one bit of context: color.

Primary colors for primary emotions

Is this image more successful? You’ll have to listen to my chat with Kristina to find out…

Kristina’s Image

While Kristina’s image may seem more straightforward on the surface, it actually brings up a lot of questions! What emotions do you feel when you look at it? Are you happy about this apparent kill? Is Leia herself actually happy about what she’s done? Leave it to Kristina to pack a beautiful image with so much ambiguity!

Join In!

If you want to join in on photographing the theme, use the hashtag #tp_feelings (or next month’s theme, #tp_power) and tag both myself and Kristina to make sure we see it! We’d love to see your interpretations and discuss them on our next episode. You can also send them to us directly at


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Post Scriptum (from Kristina)

Stormtrooper_pete took the challange and posted this image