Do you feel like I do and that there are currently so many contests and so little time! Normally I wouldn’t write a round-up blog post, but there seems to be a lot going on that even I can’t keep track of it all. I thought I would summarize all the opportunities so no one misses out.


We wrote about this contest a couple of weeks back, not once, but twice we’re so excited! This is The LEGO Groups first toy photography contest and they are going to choose ten lucky winners at random. The basics: take a toy photo with an Easter theme, upload it to their Flickr pool and make sure you have your name and your LUG affiliation in the description. I’ve seen many awesome Easter themed photos tagged #LEGOEaster, but only a fraction are posted to the RLUG #LEGOEaster Campaign Flickr Group. So far there are less than 400 entries in the Flickr Group, while there are over 900 on Instagram alone. Don’t forget this important step! Deadline: April 16th.

If this stumps a rocking, don’t come a knocking.

Red, Green, Blue

Every month in our G+ Community we create a photo challenge designed to get you thinking, help you develop new skills or to help inspire creativity in your work. The winner is chosen by the moderators and that photo graces our header for the month. This is actually a cool prize since we’re a recommended G+ community, a lot of eyes will see your image. Our contest this month is called R, G, B (the three colors that make up your computer screen or digital sensor). You can create images using one, two or all three colors. For more information head over to our G+ Community. Deadline: April 30th.

I don’t think the Pacific Northwest could look any greener!

Series 17 Giveaway

Whats there not to love about this contest! Simply create an image that features the mini figure your most looking forward to in the latest series for your chance to win. If the early entries are any indication, this is going to be a fun contest. A little effort could net you a very big reward: all 16 series 17 mini figures! For all the details check out Brett’s post . If you’re confused, simply check out the tag to see what your fellow photographers have already been up to. Deadline: April 22nd.

Waiting for the Strong Man.

Summer Blockbusters

I want to bring this last one to your attention so you can begin the creative process. Part of our partnership with G+ for the Toy Photography meet-up in SF is that they will be promoting the community, and toy photographers, the week of May 8-12th across all their media channels. (Let that sink in for a minute!) To celebrate this opportunity we are using our May Community challenge as an opportunity to celebrate Summer Movie Blockbusters. Can you image a challenge more suited to toy photography? I know I can’t. So get that thinking cap on (or in Brett’s case his thinking undies), and lets show the world how fabulous toy photography can be! More information to follow in early May on where and how to post and what hashtags to use. Really, isn’t now a good time to check out G+?

Ant Man is by far my favorite summer Blockbuster movie. Whats yours?

That is a lot of contests and challenges to get your creative juices flowing. But, if your like me, your time is limited. However there are some awesome opportunities on the table that I would hate for anyone to be left out of.

Have fun and I look forward to seeing your entries in one or all of these contests!

~ Shelly

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