A princess – is that a subject for me?

I don’t know what to think when I refer to when the toy of my choise is a princess. While I may not know the answer I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a princess. I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of a princess because I don’t believe in a monarchy style of government. The idea that someone should be born to a profession or a position isn’t anything I can support.

Waiting for a prince

But if we ignore the political aspects of the title, the title also raises a lot of other connotations. Every future princess seems to be waiting for a prince. In many fairy tales her role is to be passive. She is there only to be rescued from evil, the victim of revenge or enchantment. In the fairy tales where the princess is a figure that is active (not passive), her role is reduced to liberating the prince, by a kiss or her “true” love.

Princesses are also one way for a male hero to take over a kingdom and the power to rule. It’s never, or very rarely, that the princess is the hero. Her role is to be a beautiful victim or someone who should be protected from accident or the evils of others. A princess of a fairytale may be beautiful, but she is rarely or ever the action hero of the story. From my point of view a princess that is living in the saga is rather boring. She cleans, spins the cloth, cooks, is bored or quite spoiled.

Why a princess?

So why would anyone like me, want to tell the story of a princess? I will admit that the princesses’ were not my first choice of subject; they’ve never attracted me. I’ve always thought they are kind of boring. And yet, I’ve chosen to depict a princess everyday. Why?

The reasons a just all above. She may be boring, or just lovely or just a tool for power, but there is also tension in that situation. It is that tension that I want to explore through my work. Right now I do it everyday through my camera and through my photography.




    • kalexanderson

      Thank you Lynn, Yes what you say is interesting. In many ways she make the princess to be more… and in the same way not… My relation to Leia is complex. And I have to take that in to acount in my work.

  1. I agree with Lynn. Princess Leia sort of broke through the molds of a fairy tale princess. She took the role of action hero, rebel, and survivor. I like your style of bright and glowing – it really fits with Leia!

  2. Honestly with this latest reveal in your thought process, Im not sure I will be able to look at these photos in the same way. So many layers! Thanks for sharing Kristina all that is behind these amazing photos. The image you choose for the header is fabulous, btw. 🙂

  3. Tony Tulloch

    What a great personal challenge Kristina.
    The Star Wars universe has become rich with many influences over the years (albeit tightly controlled as a brand) and Princess Leia is no exception. She is possibly the most interesting character from a personality perspective and I think a nod is due to George Lucas here.
    Although she had elements of a regular ‘ooh come save me’ princess, Lucas made sure that her fire and tenacity shone through even in the toughest situations. I also believe Carrie Fisher was an excellent casting choice.
    I must admit that Princess Leia was my first screen crush (I’m sure I was the only 12YO boy that it happened to) but I have remained enamoured with here character because of her strengths, not her beauty.
    I think you have made a complex, but sound choice of muse for your attention.

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