Series 17 Giveaway!


Would you like to win a full set of the 16 Minifigures from the upcoming Series 17 Collectable Minifigures? We’ve got a full set, still sealed, waiting to find a new home, so we’re running a giveaway!

To be in the running to win, we’re looking for creative ideas of how you’d photograph one of the new Minifigures. We’ll be running this giveaway on Instagram and Google+.

Series 17 Giveaway!
Bicep curl, sword whirl, Rocket Girl!


We’re asking you to post a photo telling us which of the new Minifigures you’re looking forward to photographing, and why. Or maybe your photo will explain it to us without words?

Your photo could be class of LEGO dancers waiting for the Dance Instructor to arrive, a cityscape (LEGO or real) that needs the 80s Yuppie to complete it, some LEGO Elves that need the help of the Elf Maiden? You get the idea! I’ve included an example below showing a bunch of LEGO animals waiting to see the new Series 17 Veterinarian.

Giveaway: Limping lobsters, coughing cats, poorly puppies and ailing animals queue up to see the new veterinarian
Limping lobsters, coughing cats, poorly puppies and ailing animals queue up to see the new veterinarian.
#toy_photographers #toy_photographers_giveaway


When you post your photo, don’t forget to include the #toy_photographers and #toy_photographers_giveaway tags, whether on Instagram or Google+, like in the example above. We’ll be using these tags to look through the entries and find a creative idea that we’re looking forward to seeing become a reality. Only new photos will be in the running to win. You can enter as many times as your inspiration permits.

If you’re using the #toy_photographers tag for the first time to be in the running for this giveaway, it’d be ace if you continue to do so beyond the giveaway. It’s a wonderful way for us, and you, to keep track of all the wonderful toy photography on Instagram and Google+.

Series 17 Giveaway!
Space Wieners and Leopard Print Undies!


This contest will run from 08:00(Pacific Standard Time) April 11 and close at 18:00(PST) April 22. This gives us enough time to check out all the entries and choose a winner. And hopefully it gives us enough time to send the full set of 16 Minifigures to the winner with the hopes that they’ll arrive in time for the official May 1 launch date.

If you need to check out the Series 17 Minifigures for inspiration, here’s the review we did.

So, get creative, get shooting and get tagging.

Good luck!


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    • brett_wilson

      We need to see your entries and we can’t if your IG account is private. This might be the time to give G+ a go? I’m new to it too, but I’m slowly getting my head around it. The Toy Photographers community on there has some amazingly talented folks sharing brilliant photos. Maybe check it out?

  1. The things you’re making my brain do right now! So many ideas, so little time to make them into images… my kitchen table now looks like a Lego explosion… if only I can push the day-job (that also seems to be a night-job of late) aside for a little Lego time.

    I guess Lego is like exercise, you need to make time for the important things in life… so in short, no more exercise for me.

  2. Ben crawley

    This blog is something I’ve only recently discovered and now I can’t keep away. Top tip, always check the end dates for competitions…I have a little stash of RGB photos ready to go now the series 17 giveaway has finished

    • brett_wilson

      We (Shelly and I and our G+ Moderators Tony, Jason and Julian) will be voting for our favourite and most creative idea that we’re looking forward to seeing become a reality. We’ll then tally the votes and pick the winner!

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