Heads up faithful community! The LEGO Group is hosting an Easter contest – complete with prizes! Yup, they’re sponsoring a world wide photo contest and you’re invited to participate.

Ten lucky winners will be drawn at random from a flickr pool of images and awarded a “goodie bag with LEGO related Easter awesomeness and a medium sized LEGO set on top.” The deadline to enter the contest is April 16th.

The Rules!

1. Take an Easter themed LEGO picture

2. Upload and share the image online to your usual social media platforms like Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc and use the hashtag #LEGOEaster (and of course our tag #Toy_Photographers!)

3. Share your images in the Flickr Pool “RLUG #LEGOEaster Campaign” as your raffle ticket for the Lucky Draw

4. Put your first name and your RLUG/RLFM affiliation, along with the #LEGOEaster hashtag, in the comment section for your image to validate your Lucky Draw entry (Please use Toy Photographers!)

5. Each image shared in the Flickr pool counts as one entry – please note that you can only participate once with each image – taking pictures from different angels and uploading them does NOT give additional tickets for the Lucky Draw

6. Ten winners will be drawn randomly from the Lucky Draw Flickr Pool. Winners will be contacted via Flickr Mail asking for your full name. Its up to the Ambassador of your RLUG/RLFM to verify your affiliation. Your prize will ship once your affiliation with an RLUG/RFLM is confirmed.

The Fine Print

This contest is not open to the general public. You will need to be affiliated with a recognized Lego User Group (RLUG) or recognized Lego Fan Media site (RFLM). We define active members of the Toy Photographers community as: writing for the blog; commenting on blog posts; commenting on our IG feed; being an active member of our G+ community; or attending one of our photo meet-ups.

I looked over the rules carefully and the LEGO Group does not appear to be limiting the number of entries (they simply can’t be duplicates). They have not specified ‘new images only’ either. If you can’t create new work because of time or weather, you can still participate.

Juggling by Brett Wilson

Why You Should Really ENTer

As an added incentive, The Lego Group may be looking at this Flickr Pool as a resource for their social media channels. If they like your image and want to use it, they will contact you directly and ask permission. How cool is that!?

This is a wonderful opportunity to show the folks at the Mother Ship how awesome our community is. I sincerely hope that you will join the fun and start posting your Easter themed images around the internet and to the Flickr Pool.

Go team!

~ Shelly

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