On this blog, we get to read different photographers statement about ‘why?’ they do toy photography. The reasons for doing toy photography may vary from photographer to photographer, but we all seem to share a common love for the subject: toys. Toys and photography are closely linked together, in what we call toy photography. Thinking about the subject, I’ve come to the conclusion that toys may be the very best subject for a photographer. I don’t think you will question me, but I’ll share my reasons anyway.

Inspiration is in other photographers work

For me a large part of being a toy photographer is also to be a toy photo viewer. When I’m in a period of doing photographs of toys I also look at a lot of pictures of toys. Viewing other photographers work is a great way to learn and to find inspiration.

During the first weeks of my 52-project I’ve been looking at a lot of toy photos. To my surprise, I never get bored because there is such a great  variety of toys and styles in the toy photo community. As a viewer I get to experience many different toys. I also get exposed to different ways of doing toy photography which I find is a great way to find inspiration. When I see different styles and different toys , I’m inspired to try different ideas. Or at least try them in my head.

My love of photography

For me the love of photography and the subject of toys is tightly connected. I love, and I really mean love to make, do photography. I love to use photography to tell stories. I’ve done a lot of photography during the years and one thing I’ve noticed, is that I seem to get hang up on the same models or subjects time after time. Most people that I ask to be models for my photography get tired of me and my photography sooner or later, but never the toys. The best thing with toys as subjects is that I don’t have to ask, and they don’t say no. When I want to do a photograph they’re available and agree to be my motive for my work. A toy is simply the best subject there is, don’t you agree?

Through the community of toy photographers I also get support, inspiration and a feeling of belonging. Through the internet I’ve found a crowd of people that love the same stuff as I do, namely photography with and of toys 🙂

…and that is why toys are the best subject ever!