Yawn Patrol

Ah, Sunday morning!

A chance to sleep in, perhaps? Maybe a lazy morning watching cartoons with the kids? Or a late, leisurely breakfast with the family?

Nup! The alarms goes off when it’s still dark outside. A quick coffee is gulped down before driving to my favourite local beach.

The morning chill nips at me as I unload plastic, camera, towel and other odds and ends from the car. The oddly spaced stairs leading down to the beach induce the familiar, awkward gait as I rush down before the sun cracks the horizon. The deserted beach ensures I don’t have to trek far to find unspoiled, footprint free sand. The unsullied sand is however deceptively sodden from the ebbing tide. There’s a frantic scramble to set up multiple shots, each adjacent to the next, in the hope of capturing the rising sun in multiple shots and angles, before it rises to high. LEGO is dusted, positioned, checked. LEGO falls. Muttered cursing fractures the cockcrow hush. LEGO is re-dusted, re-positioned, and re-checked.

And then I wait.

Point Addis beach

Point Addis beach, 06:10, arrival

As the sun begins to emerge from behind the horizon, so do the people. People. Surfers. Dogs. All of them threaten to mar my pristine vista.

The sun obliges me, breaking through before these new arrivals have time to reach me. Lying down in the wet sand, the towel does little to keep me dry for the first photo. By the second photo, the towel is sopping and discarded. By the third, I too am soaked. Beyond that photo, I give up on the idea of a dry, comfortable drive back home. Four. Five. Six.

And then it’s time to pack up.

Plastic bags contain sandy LEGO awaiting a wash, a dripping towel, a camera that in all the commotion has managed to sidestep sand and water, and my shoes and t-shirt that now co-mingle with the equally wringing towel.

Point Addis

Point Addis beach, 07:45, departure

My quest for “all” might sound like it got off to an arduous, sodden start, but as I walked back up the sand, from my post-photo shoot swim, to the plastic bags filled with the aftermath of the morning’s adventure, I wouldn’t have wished it any other way.

Thou shalt not allow anything to deter you in your quest for all
Descendents – All-O-Gistics

Hopefully, this early Sunday morning sets the agenda for future photography ventures. I’d like them a little less soggy though.

@-ST @ dawn

@-ST @ dawn

Lilo Ren

Lilo Ren

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