New kids off the country block

From rant to gallivant.

From Bellbrae to Erskine Falls.

Well, from Bellbrae to Erskine Falls, via Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Fairhaven, Moggs Creek, Big Hill and Lorne, as we snake our way along the Australian National Heritage listed ‘Great Ocean Road’ that hugs Australia’s south-eastern coastline.

Erskine Falls

Erskine Falls

Inspired by Shelly’s toys on vacation post, and with the rain finally abating for the first time in the two weeks of the school holidays, I proposed a trek down the coast with the kids (smalls) for the last weekend of their school holidays. They were in!

Erskine Falls

Erskine Falls

After dropping my wife off at work, and grabbing a coffee we meandered down the Great Ocean Road, with the obligatory carsickness stops for Thing 1 (aged 11).

Thing 1's photo

Thing 1’s photo

Following the #brickstameet day in the urban landscape, it felt good to be back in the familiar surroundings of nature. And thanks to the reinvigorated confidence gained at the #brickstameet, it felt good to be lying down on the ground again, oblivious to the questioning stares from others. This confidence also rubbed off on the smalls. Thing 2 (aged 10) is often concerned with what others might think, yet after seeing his older brother and I lying on the ground, indifferent to onlookers, soon joined in. And ended up snapping “photo of the day”.

Thing 2's "photo of the day"

Thing 2’s “photo of the day”

As we wound our way along the snaking road back home, we even managed to squeeze in a pub lunch at the Aireys Inlet pub before the rain returned. The way all toysafaris should end.

It was the perfect way to reflect and revisit shots captured, sitting in the last of the sunshine, enjoying the food, the beers (not for smalls), the company, and the recollections of a wonderful day had by all.

Nice day to have a schnitzel, have a schnitzel, have a schnitzel
Nice day to have some chips, have some chips, have some chips
Nice day to have some sauce, have some sauce, have some sauce
Nice day to have some beetroot, have some beetroot, have some beetroot
Nice day to go to the pub
Cosmic Psychos – Nice Day To Go To The Pub

If you’ve got smalls, I encourage you to get out and shoot toys with them. Feed off their youthful enthusiasm. Be amazed by their ideas. Be surprised by what they produce. Be proud if they get a better shot than you.

If you don’t have any (or even if you do), be the smalls.

Get your knees dirty. Don’t give a hoot. Have fun!