Time for a photochallenge – make a book cover

It’s my time to announce a new photo challenge on the blog.  Just like all the previous challenges we have found it in the book: “The photographers playbook“.  This time I want to challenge you to make a book cover:

Think of a title for a book that you wish you could check out from the library and make a cover for the book.

Triin Tamm

I hope you will join Shelly and I as we explore what our own book covers will look like.



  1. Thank you Kristina for finding such a fun challenge in the “Book”! These challenges really help me to focus and get creative. I look forward to seeing your results! Now I’m off to make some lists and see what turns up!

  2. Back from a week in Norway where I (almost) completely stayed disconnected from social media. I only checked the blog on Friday evening because I realized I might have missed a new challenge and the opportunity to complete it in Norway. And it turns out I was right about it. There is a new challenge and the book cover I want to make should ideally be taken in Northern Europe. But anyway I couldn’t have taken the picture during my trip because I don’t have the LEGO element I need.

    So I guess I’ll have either to wait for the next time I’ll go to Norden, or find another book for which I want to take a picture. Good news is that I’ve finally been able to catch the photos I needed for the “make it seems challenge” and will post them as soon as I’m done with sorting and post-processing the tons of photos I’ve taken.

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