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Almost every day of the week, I get up at 6:30am (grab coffee #1), trawl the internet for interesting news (while drinking coffee #2), create an image to represent the selected story using toys such as Lego, then post the edited picture on my website and various social media platforms along with a brief summary

…But why do I do it?

Aside from my Love of Lego, I started The Short News to empower, educate and entertain. Being a lawyer, I like to use headings to structure submissions (I promise no more ‘lawyer talk’ from this point onwards), so I’ll explain each of these goals as follows:


I love the idea of people gathering around the water cooler to share stories and snippets of information. Knowledge is a form of social currency that we use to ‘trade’ and make ‘purchases’ within our social groups. As a result, we tell stories because we want our audience to find them interesting and think that we’re knowledgeable. This positive ‘transaction’ is cyclical in that many of the people in our group will share what they have learned with their groups and so on.

With this in mind, my aim is to empower people to have a couple of stories to share with their family, friends and colleagues every day so that they can feel informed and important.


I want to introduce children to the world of journalism so that they develop a thirst for knowledge and become informed and inquisitive adults. Although I don’t yet have children, my understanding is that when kids are occupied, they are less likely to draw on walls and break things.

The news I share might be ‘light’, but this is by design so that it appeals to children and adults who are not usually interested in the news. I feel that I’ve achieved this goal because adults and children regularly comment on what they’ve learned from the stories, and even share their opinions and experiences with each other from across the world!


When I started The Short News, I did not own a single Lego brick (my childhood stash was given away/sold when the family temporarily located to the USA – a fact I remind my mum of constantly, of course) (don’t worry, I’ve more than made amends for this over the last 2 years) (if you haven’t already noticed, I LOVE using brackets). So, I was empowering and educating, but not yet entertaining. The introduction of Lego and other toys was an attempt to attract people to the news with memorable images.

Ultimately, there are enough people pushing sad/negative news, which is something I don’t want to do. I focus on happy/quirky/interesting and funny stories for a reason – to make people smile, laugh and connect with one another.

So why do I do what I do? To make the news fun!

My project relies on people being captivated enough by my images to read the stories, so I thank you for reading along, and thank Shelly for the opportunity to share The Short News with you.


You can follow The Short News on Instagram, G+, Twitter, Facebook and of course through Sean’s web site TheShortNews.com.

1,300 sheep ran loose in a Spanish town after their shepherd fell asleep
1,300 sheep ran loose in a Spanish town after their shepherd fell asleep
Browser the mascot cat evicted from his library home
Browser the mascot cat evicted from his library home
People are getting injured playing Pokemon GO
People are getting injured playing Pokemon GO
Texas Inmates escaped a holding cell to help save a prison guard
Texas Inmates escaped a holding cell to help save a prison guard


    • theshortnews

      Haha a writing style close to my heart! Thanks mate, you’re an inspiration on here to many, including me (aw, gush, right?), so the vote of confidence is special

  1. I’m a big fan of The Short News on IG. I always love the stories you find and the photos that go with them. I really enjoyed reading your background 🙂 Thanks for cheering us up with light and entertaining news on IG 🙂


  2. Mindy Carrigan

    Such a nice post Sean. I love hearing your backstory and the reasons why you do what you do (so very well). I’m also happy to know I’m not the only one on coffee #3 by the time I’m setting up my photo. Your work is so positive and fun and is always top notch…I think your absolutely achieving every one of your goals (in spades). Bravo!!

  3. Pulup

    Hey Sean, nice article. I always thought that you were taking your shots after work.. Getting up early (earlier than you would) for the Short News, wow, respect.. 🙂

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