Go to your fridge. Pick up a bottle of beer. Pour it in a glass.

For the past six years, I’ve been running a regular photo project: #30days30beers. This project is a daily photo pairing beer with representative LEGO mini figures.

This 30 day challenge started off as one of my small protests (as some friends call them). The country that I live in is becoming more conservative every day, with more people becoming less tolerant of those who do not share their views. This photo project started as an objection to that intolerance and that is also why it happens at this particular time of the year.

My photo project that initially started only as a photo a day for a month of a different beer, has turned into more elaborate beer paired with the appropriate Lego photos. Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows my love for beer, so it seemed inevitable to bring together the two things I have a passion for; the two things I love to photograph.

Choose a Lego mini figure. Set it up next to your beer. Fit them
both in the frame. Shoot.

The inspiration for the made-up stories obviously comes from two of my fellow Instagrammers, @louiebaton and @beer_farts; although I have to admit that I can’t be as creative as they are. I would not be able to come up with a new story everday for the whole year. They both are amazing. (Having said that, I guess we’ve agreed  that I was the first to post a photo of beer and Lego together on Instagram. 😊)

For me, the whole point of a photo project is discipline. You have to challenge yourself with a goal. For me, for example, the challenge is to shoot a new photo everyday, with the particular beer I choose to drink that day. If I’m going to be on holiday for a certain period, I prepare myself beforehand for the possible beers I might drink on that trip and take the necessary mini figures with me. Such a small bother, one can say, but for me, this is the whole point of the challenge. This is what gives me pleasure at completing a task at the end of the project.

I think photo challenges are not only a good way of improving your photography skills, but also are a way of exploring new areas and pushing yourself towards more creativity. That is what I believe I have gained over the past few years with my 30 beers challenge… and some weight, probably.

Finally, take a sip. Sit back. Think about next day’s story.

~ Pulup


With no surprise to anybody, today’s LGBT Pride Walk in Istanbul has been banned by the government.. Beforehand, they had been threatened by radical-fascist Islamic groups not to walk.. Differences are not welcomed in Turkey, just like black sheeps (Gara Guzu)..


Dr. Zikkimm was a famous pharmacist, who spent his whole life working on a formula for immortality.. Eventually, after testing a number of mixtures on humans (who died unfortunately), he found it.. At least he thought he found it, but evidently he became his last test subject..


Donald was a true believer of the Cuban revolution.. In fact, he once left the US to join Cuban guerilla.. Years later, Partizan Don, as Che once called him, had three nephews, which he named Liberte, Egalite, and Fraternite.. Although, kids in western societies would know them as Huey, Dewey, and Louie.