You might recall an earlier post where I wrote about going on vacation and the challenges I had with that. Well, I’m happy to report I am writing this while on previously mentioned vacation. It’s been glorious! I am not trying to kick sand in the faces of my North Atlantic Seaboard brethren, but this beats the heck outta where you’re at right now.

Anyway, I narrowed my selection of which guys I was going to bring with me to bask in the sun from about, oh… two hundred and thirty-six down to five. That’s right, I only brought five figures (two Lego minifigs, two four-inch Clones and one Black Series Stormtrooper)   with me to photograph. You have to understand, I’m one of those people who load up an entire backpack, a few shoeboxes, some plastic bags and all my pockets with guys when I go out to take photos. So only bringing five was killing me. Fortunately, I got over that as soon as we got underway. If we’d hung around the house a few more minutes I have no doubt I’d have gone back several times and added another dozen guys to bring, but we were on a schedule.

So here I am, me and my five guys, on vacation and really having a great time. There’s just one problem. I’ve only shot my figs twice. TWICE! I just haven’t had a chance. Anyone that takes toy photos, especially outdoors, can relate to how long it really takes to set up your figures and shoot them. Wind, the angle of the sun and sometimes the general public, all play a factor in getting that shot you’ve envisioned.  So with all of that in mind, the opportunity to get some really nice photos just hasn’t presented itself. I did have a chance yesterday to get a few at a very secluded beach. But for the most part, the places we’ve gone and the environments we’ve been in just haven’t had whatever it is I see when I think to myself, that would make a great shot.

You may be thinking I just don’t want to shoot anything because there are people around. That’s not the case. I’ve shot in public many, many times and it doesn’t bother me at all. I go into my zone and pay no attention to the people snickering behind me. I do find that if you curse loud enough while speaking loudly to your figures, people tend to move along anyway.

It’s a little disappointing and I feel like I might be missing out on chances to nail a cool shot but I’m just not seeing them. Maybe it’s because I’m seeing new things around here for the first time. Or, perhaps I just haven’t let myself transition from “vacation brain” to “toyphotography brain” long enough to see the shots. Maybe I’m trying too hard to find that shot.

I have a few days left before I return to the land of ice and snow and I have every intention of continuing the quest for some good toyphotography. But I have to admit, my inability to see anything is disturbing. Maybe today is the day? I’ll let you know.

Have an outstanding Friday everyone and good luck seeing those shots today.

Take care,