In moments when I’m in search for inspiration, I usually spend some time looking through various photo books, websites or just end up on Instagram or Flickr. Often I get stuck in a particular photographers work, and in the best cases, this exercise makes me end up in an imagery world of my own, but sometimes it just becomes an exercise in procrastination.

The other day I got stuck in Shelly’s image-feed on Instagram. Looking through her pictures it was so clear that nature and water is a common motive or just part of the scenery. That is something I like. When I look at how she presents nature and water I see that it’s the clearest red thread through her work.

Scrolling through the feed I soon realized that I had a soft spot for her images with figures that are in boats on the move over water. For me this is a theme in her work – is it about being on a  journey, or is it about the process? They’re on their way towards something. One common element is that it’s unclear where they’re going.

I see the pictures as symbols of life’s journey. And just like in Shelly’s pictures, sometimes the journey is easy and takes place in calm beautiful waters, at other times the trip is on troubled water and sometimes the journey takes place on a dark bottomless sea. Sometimes we travel alone and sometimes in the company of a friend or animal. My imagination takes me on a journey with memories but it all started in Shelly’s image-world.

A series about finding comfort in and with teddy

comfort with teddy

How do you handle the lack of inspiration? Do you procrastinate by looking through other photographers work, or do you have another secret medicine? If so please share.