For me, the hardest part of being a creative, is making choices. Choices are very difficult for me. Decisiveness is not one of my strengths; I like to keep my options open until the very last minute.

When I’m presented with a variety of excellent photographs to choose from while editing I tend to freeze. I hesitate to choose that final image because I know whatever I choose, there will be no turning back. I’m not one of those artists that’s able to look through old work or the desk top trash can and create amazing new work. I’m sure I’m only hurting myself, but what artist isn’t their own worst enemy?

I’m going to show you a series of photos of two skeletons I created for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to express a love that is still growing, even in death. I feel each one of these photos is a winner in its own way. As an exercise in making choices, I would like to know which one you would have chosen?











Which one is your favorite and why?

~ Shelly

ps – This is also a very good demonstration of why I rarely never use a tri-pod.