Toys on Vacation – an iPhone challenge

Last week I set myself a challenge, go on vacation and only take photos of mini figures with my iPhone 6s. I know, not the biggest challenge, but when you’ve been photographing with a DSLR and a dedicated macro lens for a while, it can be hard to switch back. Continue reading Toys on Vacation – an iPhone challenge

Toys on Vacation (an excerpt)

As we’re preparing for our next article for Bricks Culture I thought I would share an excerpt from our last article about how to take your toys on vacation. If you would like to read the entire article and see all the photographs contributed by members of the Stuck in Plastic family, I encourage you to order a digital or print copy of issue #6. 

Toys on Vacation

Passport… toothbrush… mini figures. Photography collective Stuck in Plastic explains why you should make your LEGO mini figures part of your next getaway. Continue reading Toys on Vacation (an excerpt)