The Salty Road to a New Point & Shoot

There I was, on a gorgeous beach in St. Augustine, Florida. The sun was setting, it was the golden hour. I had assumed the crouched over, yoga-like toy photographer position. I placed my LEGO mermaid minifigure right at the line where the wet sand meets the dry, where the waves stop and retreat back to the sea. Here my little mermaid may catch a little sea spray, actually, I hope a wave crashes right behind her as I snap the perfect shot.

Fast forward to a few months later and I could barely stand the thought of reviewing the photos I took that day. A wave crashed behind the mermaid alright, but not how I’d hoped. It turned out I’d misjudged the situation and splash! My beloved Canon G15 point & shoot camera got severely salted and sanded. The automatic pop out lens refused to open or close. I brought it back to the hotel, took it apart, and cleaned everything I could. After many unsuccessful attempts I finally gave up. My camera was toast. It was time to move on. Continue reading The Salty Road to a New Point & Shoot

The Basics – How to Buy a Camera

I can’t believe I’m writing this post. But I was asked nicely, so how could I say no?

Before I get started I want to be very clear, I’m not an equipment geek, I don’t collect cameras and I don’t like to sit around and talk gear. I’m sure it’s lots of fun, but I would rather talk content than technical specifications any day. Continue reading The Basics – How to Buy a Camera